Location and Cooperation – How AZZ Galvanizing Selected Northern Nevada

When considering a new location for building a manufacturing facility, businesses rely on a variety of factors. Location, market need and ease of conducting business are just a few. When AZZ Galvanizing, a division of AZZ Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas, visited Reno more than eight years ago, NV Energy along with its team of economic development partners, was among the first to welcome them to northern Nevada.

“We really analyzed the market, and recognized northern Nevada as an ideal location to expand our galvanizing business,” said Bryan Stovall, Vice President Central Operations, AZZ Galvanizing. “As the finances became available to support our vision, we knew that this was a location where we could make business happen and grow a viable customer base.”

After three tours and extensive market research, AZZ Galvanizing purchased a 25 acre plant site in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center east of Sparks, developing a 50,000 square foot facility on about 12 acres. The company broke ground in February 2015, and officially opened for business in less than a year on January 4, 2016.   Stovall credits NV Energy with introducing the AZZ team to key players in the community and going above and beyond to help ease the process of building a new facility from the ground up; the first “greenfield” project AZZ Galvanizing has built in 20 years.

“I would rate NV Energy and the entire experience very highly,” adds Stovall. “All-in-all, the process was smooth and Nevada has extremely cooperative, state, county and city organizations, especially when compared to expansions we’ve done in other areas.”

The completion of the Reno facility brings AZZ Galvanizing to a total of 43 facilities, and expands their geographic coverage map to effectively deliver new corrosion protection opportunities to Nevada, northern California and Utah.

“From obtaining permits to connecting with excellent construction partners, the entire experience was fair,” Stovall concludes. “It really feels like everyone wants us to be here.”

AZZ Inc. (NYSE:AZZ), is a global provider of hot-dip galvanizing, welding solutions, specialty electrical equipment and highly engineered services.