Enhancing Nevada’s Workforce

The Office of Economic Development at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), creates partnerships that support economic and workplace development, attracts industry-sponsored research, and develops and protects intellectual property. Through sponsored research, companies partner with UNLV’s faculty and student populations to gain new knowledge, a deeper level of expertise, and greater awareness of applications for new technologies.

“The Office of Economic Development is a vital resource serving and positively impacting all aspects of UNLV and the greater southern Nevada community,” said Liz Lewis, Economic Development Manager for UNLV’s Office of Economic Development. “We provide necessary resources and services in support of UNLV’s important mission through enhanced research and funding, engaging the private sector and promoting economic development.”

UNLV faculty offer expertise across a wide range of fields, including energy and the environment, infrastructure and technology, business and hotel administration, education, health, and cultural and social services. By partnering with UNLV’s Office of Economic Development and providing UNLV students with real-world experience at their organizations, companies can actively create a stronger generation of future professionals in Nevada.

“Opportunity Nevada understands the important role education plays in providing current and future Nevada business with a talented, diverse and real world ready workforce,” said Jeff Brigger, Opportunity Nevada Spokesperson. “The Office of Economic Development has cultivated talented students that are eager to stay in Nevada and provide value to companies. We are proud to do our part in helping this impressive department accomplish their mission.”

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