Taking a Custom Approach to Electricity Needs for Relocating or Expanding Companies

Originally written for Northern Nevada Development Authority‘s Viewpoint | 2016 Edition

Energy prices, availability and reliable service are a big part of the decision-making process for a company thinking of relocating or expanding a business in Nevada.  At NV Energy we recognize that and have assembled a team of experts to work with you to provide the best customer service and reliable energy at the most reasonable price.

When we receive your call about locating to Nevada, we begin a custom analysis of your business, how and when it operates, how much electricity you use and when it’s used.  Following an initial analysis, we customize a team of experts to address your unique needs and meet with you.

NV Energy engages a team that brings all of the necessary information and expertise together at one time.  This team of experienced economic development professionals, engineers and analysts can partner with your company to assist in a variety of ways, including: evaluating your power needs, pricing and calculating utility rates, investigating available energy sources to see if existing or additional infrastructure is needed to serve your business.

We can also facilitate site visits to help you find the best location for your company.  Or, you can go to our Nevada Site Locator on NV Energy’s Economic Development website to search for land, building demographics and proximity to transportation.

For interested customers, we offer renewable energy solutions from multiple sources.  All of our customers are currently served by 42 different renewable energy projects powered by geothermal, solar, hydro, biomass and wind.  We exceeded our 20 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for 2015, posting a 31.3 percent RPS.

We are also developing the most cost-efficient ways to bring more solar energy to our customers by offering the NV GreenEnergy Rider program to our large customers. Our plans are to establish costs low enough to allow interested customers to be served with more clean energy at no more than a half-cent premium per kilowatt hour.

At NV Energy, our top priorities are providing customers with high quality services at competitive prices.  We are doing that by positioning our business to operate without the need to request additional revenue for core operations.

Over the past two years we have reduced operating and maintenance expenses by 10.5 percent and according to customer surveys, still improved reliability and customer service.

We electrically connected our southern and northern electric grids and strengthened our system reliability and saved $18 million in operating costs in 2015.

We’ve improved efficiencies and reduced costs at our own combined cycle gas generating fleet by 10 percent in 2015.

By entering the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) in December 2015, NV Energy is sharing economic and environmental benefits with PacifiCorp and the EIM of $10 million during the first quarter of 2016.

At NV Energy, our economic development experts work strategically with businesses, site selectors, real estate brokers/developers and economic development agencies to facilitate business location and expansion within Nevada.  We are proud to work with professionals like the Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) to contribute to their efforts and be there whenever NNDA has client who call and need assistance.