Banking Relationships Important to Business Success

“I believe that business clients are best served by long-term relationships with their bank and their banker – the type of relationships that develop through face-to-face conversations,” said Dallas Haun, CEO of Nevada State Bank.

“We balance technology with the high-touch service our clients have come to expect over the last 56 years,” said Haun. “If you want to do your banking at 2 am from your home computer, we have the tools to make that possible. But if you want to discuss your financial future, or meet with a business specialist about tools to help your company, you’re welcome to visit one of our branches and speak to someone in person.”

Nevada State Bank is a full-service bank offering a complete range of consumer, small business, real estate, and corporate banking services. It operates 50 branches and more than 100 ATMs in Nevada, employing more than 700 people. Starting with one branch in downtown Las Vegas in 1959, it has grown to serve families and businesses in 20 Nevada communities.

Corporate Structure
Nevada State Bank is a division of ZB, N.A. which operates in nearly 500 local financial centers across 11 Western states. The parent company of ZB, N.A. is Zions Bancorporation, a national leader in Small Business Administration lending and public finance advisory services, and a consistent top recipient of Greenwich Excellence Awards in banking. Zions is included in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Financial 100 indices.

“As a $4 billion company, Nevada State Bank is in the ‘sweet spot’ between community banks and really big banks,” said Haun. “Because of our affiliation with Zions Bancorporation, we’re able to handle larger transactions in the tens of millions, and we’re also able to do a nice job assisting a small business owner who needs $100,000. We’re well positioned to go either down-market or up-market.”

Nevada State Bank is organized into five business lines: a line that handles retail clients; a small business group; a team that handles professional and private banking; a group that serves corporate clients; and a group that handles real estate. Teams in each line of business cater to the special needs of that particular niche. “Bankers who are specifically trained to handle the needs of each segment of their market are able to provide solutions to their clients’ needs,” Haun said. “They’re able to educate their clients, especially those who are new to the Nevada market, and they’re going to be valued as trusted advisers. That’s what we’re trying to do, and I think we’ve made great strides.”

Providing Resources for Business
Businesses coming into Nevada, as well as new home-grown companies, need information and resources to help them succeed, and Nevada State Bank has met this need by compiling a library of free online materials accessible through its website, is a one-stop digital resource center for business owners, executives and entrepreneurs, with archived webinars and articles about starting, growing, and maintaining a business. In addition to insights from financial and business experts, it also contains links to surveys and reports with data that can be useful for B2B companies, or for any business wanting information about the unique Nevada market.

Each month, Nevada State Bank issues an Economic Briefing prepared by the experts at Applied Analysis, a leading Nevada research firm. Charts and graphs illustrate the latest economic data, and each Briefing provides expert analysis of the meaning behind the numbers to help businesses make informed decisions.

Nevada State Bank annually surveys more than 400 small business owners and decision-makers throughout the state to gain valuable insights into what Nevada business people think about important issues and how they plan to deal with them. The Nevada State Bank Small Business Survey Report helps businesses follow trends and make strategic plans for the future.

Because family-owned businesses are such an important part of the economy, Nevada State Bank maintains a web page with resources designed to highlight key areas of interest – and challenge – for family businesses. contains links to articles and on-demand webinars for family businesses.

Commitment to Nevada Businesses
“Our state has done a superb job in attracting entrepreneurs and businesses willing to move here to create or grow their businesses,” said Haun. “In addition, Nevada has built a healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem that is second to none. Nevada State Bank is committed to assisting these new companies in any way we can, because we realize that the success of our bank is directly tied to the success of small businesses throughout our state. For more than half a century, Nevada State Bank has been committed to serving Nevada businesses, and we’re carrying that commitment forward into the future, with high touch as well as high tech.”