American Red Cross: Preparing Nevada’s Businesses

December 7, 2012. Greater Atlanta Christian School, Norcoss, Georgia.

American Red Cross volunteers serve Nevada businesses, employees, and residents by training folks in First Aid, CPR, and to use AEDs, responding 24/7 to home fires, delivering emergency communication and support to military families, and helping Nevadans to be prepared for the emergencies and disasters that are associated with the high desert: wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and mountain snowstorms/blizzards and whiteout conditions.

Up to 40% of businesses fail after a natural or man-made disaster. In an uncertain world, preparedness may make the difference between profitability and shuttering doors forever.

Should a disaster or emergency strike, American Red Cross preparedness programs can help employees stay on the job, return to work more quickly, and ensure productivity continues.

To learn more, the following resources will be helpful:

  • Ready Rating – a free, self-paced membership program – helps companies determine how a will business survive a natural disaster? If employees are trained to assist a coworker who has a heart attack?  Or, how does a hurricane on the east coast might affect my Nevada business? Users are guided through the necessary steps to implement a site-specific Emergency Action Plan. Visit 
  • CPR, First-Aid, AED training are all essential in the workplace, especially in remote workplaces.  Red Cross offers classes on-site, train-the-trainer, and in the American Red Cross of Northern & Southern Nevada Chapter offices. Registration and additional information are available at:  Classes are available throughout the year and discounts for groups may be applicable depending on the course.

Home fires are one of the most devastating (and common) disasters to which the Red Cross responds. In northern Nevada, a home fire occurs every 2.3 days and in southern Nevada, a home fire occurs every 20 hours. The Red Cross installs free smoke alarms, replaces batteries, delivers customized evacuation plans in our community’s most fire-affected neighborhoods. Smoke alarms installations occur throughout the year; however, employee volunteer project teams are invited to accompany Red Cross volunteers and staff at quarterly installations. Future team-based installations are scheduled for March, April, and October.  Call the local Red Cross Smoke Alarm Hotline at 775-954-1185 (northern Nevada) or 702-697-1707 (southern Nevada) to make an appointment or join an event.

As many people do around this time, fulfill your News Year’s Resolutions by making your business able to withstand a disaster, helping your employees learn new skills so they can help each other when needed, or instilling the values of preparedness in the community.  Let the Red Cross help you accomplish these goals.

A Red Cross relationship manager will help you determine the programs, services, and opportunities that will best fit your needs. Contact information for Nevada’s Executive Directors are as follows:

Zanny Marsh, Executive Director
American Red Cross of Northern Nevada
(775) 954-1165
Scott Emerson, Executive Director
American Red Cross of Southern Nevada
(702) 369-6220