Developing Nevada

Panattoni Development

Panattoni Development Company has developed more than 3.5 million square feet of some of the most significant commercial real estate projects in northern Nevada for tenants such as Petco, Trex, Petsmart, Urban Outfitters, Bally Technologies and many more. Named one of the Developers of the Decade at the 10th annual Summit Awards, Partner Doug Roberts has seen northern Nevada grow and transform.

“I believe companies will continue to look to Nevada as a viable location for distribution and business in general. We are developing property both in response and anticipation of that need,” said Roberts. “Northern Nevada has a comparatively lower cost of living, low taxes and business-friendly regulations. In addition to California companies looking to move east, companies throughout the country see Nevada, and specifically Reno, as an ideal location from where they can distribute their goods throughout the western United States. Those factors have made this region attractive to real estate investors as well.”

With more than 3.2 million square feet of new development planned this year in Nevada alone, Panattoni Development makes it its business to understand the intricacies of each market. Panattoni’s strength is in working with companies relocating or expanding in northern Nevada to create the best possible facility for their needs. The company takes pride in taking on each project’s unique set of challenges to create an end product that is cost-effective, functional and attractive to tenants and prospective buyers.

“It is rewarding to find a location with great potential and turn it into a product that fits the needs of a company,” said Roberts. “I enjoy building lasting structures that will serve their current and future users well over time.”

Moving forward, Panattoni Development will continue to work with inbound and existing companies as the northern Nevada market continues to grow to accommodate new commerce.

“If market conditions continue to improve as we all hope they do, you can expect to see more and more activity from Panattoni as well as other developers,” said Roberts. “I am looking forward to the advancement and growth we are anticipating in the years to come.”