Covering Your Business Assets

In this day and age, you can be sued for just about anything. Even the most frivolous lawsuits can result in large settlements for plaintiffs. For a business owner, carrying the proper insurance is a necessity to guarantee that a lawsuit doesn’t lead the failure of your company. All it takes is one slip-and-fall on your premises, one at-fault car accident, or one sexual harassment claim, and you could be sued for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. That’s where liability insurance comes in: you probably don’t have the time or funds to hire a lawyer, pay their fees, and pay a large settlement out of your own pocket. Doing so would cause a disruption in business, negative cash flow, and an all around headache, all while taking your focus off of the most important thing – your success! When you carry the proper liability coverages, your insurance company will provide legal counsel to defend you against such claims, while working to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, paid by the insurance company so that you can get back to business faster.

Covering your business assets is also extremely important – what would you do in the event that a devastating fire destroyed your office, inventory, equipment, and/or vehicles? As the recent fires in California have proven, you could lose everything you have worked so hard for in a short amount of time. Property insurance provides replacement/reconstruction of your business property so that your company can get back on its feet, without you having to worry about paying for the cost of restoring the lost or damaged assets.

At Michael D. Peyton Insurance, we understand that your business is not only your livelihood, but also a source of great pride. That’s why we specialize in providing comprehensive, cost efficient insurance coverage to business owners in Nevada. We work diligently to get you the correct insurance products with the most competitive premiums. Whether you need property insurance, liability insurance, workers’ compensation, or any other combination of coverages, you can count on us to find you the best available policies to fit your needs. We put our clients’ best interest first, and take pride in providing your business with safeguards against financial ruin. Our goal is to be a partner in your success! Let us navigate the complicated world of insurance with you, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

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