Holding Onto The Past … Embracing The Future

At first glance many of the communities in northeastern Nevada look like towns that could have been plucked from one of Disney’s “Cars” films. Victorian government buildings coupled with mid-century main streets all surrounded by a sea of high desert sage brush. It’s been described as retro, rustic, a nostalgic throwback reminiscent of another time in America.

Don’t let the aesthetic fool you. Just beyond the Nevada Northern Railway in Ely, the gorgeous Eureka County Courthouse, and the flashing lights of Battle Mountain’s Owl Club is another side of northeastern Nevada. This is the side where communities and industry have embraced modern advancements in science, technology and engineering. Here, markets are now viewed on a global scale and companies from around the world are saying “Why not northeastern Nevada?”

In the last decade, routine wildlife & geologic surveys have been conducted along the Carlin trend utilizing drone technology. Mineral production includes the use of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles while various stats and data from multiple mine sites are monitored from a centralized location in Elko, mimicking the U.S. Military’s Tactical Operations Centers (TOC). In Winnemucca, Google’s Loon Project is providing internet access to remote parts of the world by launching a network of balloons that circumvent the globe at the edge of space. Geothermal exploration being conducted in Wells could redefine agriculture and recreation on the Great Basin.

For those who are doing business in northeastern Nevada, the benefits are evident. Businesses and their employees enjoy low energy costs, no personal state income taxes, and an exemption from many other taxes seen in neighboring states (inventory, unitary, franchise, etc.) Aside from the small town atmosphere, companies enjoy a favorable regulatory environment where cities and counties work side by side to ensure success. Building permits & licensing associated with private property are usually awarded in a manner of weeks rather than years. Commercial real estate in northeastern Nevada is some of the most competitively priced in the United States and sit adjacent to two major U.S. transportation systems, the I-80 corridor and the Union Pacific railway.

The northeastern Nevada appeal is beginning to resonate throughout the world. Elko’s annual Mining Expo has continually grown year to year witnessing an influx of out of state and international vendors. 2017 saw its first international trade missions to the region; not one, but a total of three. In April, Canadian representatives from various cities visited Elko to encourage local companies to export their products and services to Canada while considering expansion in order to bolster their local supply chain. In the Fall, delegates from Northern Ontario Canada and Eastern Australia traveled the I-80 corridor to research possible business opportunities within the region. Trade Specialist, Paul Bradette of Northern Ontario, referred to northern Nevada as “The United States best kept secret.”

Nevada has been categorized as a land of “unparalleled contrasts” and the northeastern region of the State certainly epitomizes that. These are communities made up of citizens, government, and industry who will continue to thrust headlong into the future; capitalizing on those advancements that make us safer, more efficient, and more productive. With that said, don’t be surprised to see an executive driving a 1953 ford pickup to a century old theater to enjoy an evening of cowboy poetry. It might not be for everyone, but for some….it’s a perfect fit! To find out if it’s a fit for you, contact the Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority at 775-738-2100 or visit us at www.nnrda.com.