Reno Meets Every Requirement for National Fulfillment Services Expansion

National Fulfillment Services had a specific set of criteria while searching for a new, West Coast location. Requirements that needed to be met included: a business friendly state; a location that would allow coverage of the U.S. in 1-3 days shipping time with their Philadelphia location; near a reasonably-priced labor force and in close proximity to distribution hubs or highway.

They said hello to Reno, Nevada.

“Our company has been East-Coast based since 1965 and we’ve seen having service levels of delivering goods to customers within three days as essential,” said Taylor Callahan, Sales Director, National Fulfillment Services.

With approximately 160 employees, National Fulfillment Services U.S. facilities include a 60-station contact center, 190,000 square feet of space dedicated to order processing and distribution, an in-house IT department and client service professionals. They also have two locations in Canada.

They handle projects for companies that distribute goods such as coffee, gifts, housewares, supplements, books, health and beauty. Shipping and processing millions of parcels per year, National Fulfillment Services offers their clients something unique – the ability to customize solutions with value-added services like inserts or custom packaging.

“Our history has taken us through an enormous range of consumer direct projects to today’s primary focus on eCommerce,” said Tom Krueger, President, National Fulfillment Services. “Throughout this evolution, our people, systems and processes have been adapted to meet the changing needs of our customers keeping our commitment and vision clear: to provide superior service and support to delight our clients and their customers.”

On top of finding the perfect state to meet their business needs, a number of already established Nevada businesses made their summer 2017 transition possible.

From NV Energy and Cushman Wakefield giving National Fulfillment Service confidence and key market insight into the Reno area, and vendors in the local community like Intermountain Electric who provided consulting and installation of LED lighting to WESI who helped with warehouse design, racking and permit approval, National Fulfillment Services is grateful for the support of local vendors.

“It’s great to see how the Reno community of vendors worked together to help our business,” Krueger said. “We’ve been impressed by our experience during every step of the process and we are excited to be part of Reno’s thriving business community.”

For more information on National Fulfillment Services visit their website.