Crystal Creek Logistics Brings Environmentally-Minded Business to Reno Market

Built with the environment, its employees and its community in mind, it’s no surprise Crystal Creek Logistics stands out.

It stands out as being one of only a handful of perishable direct to consumer shipping companies in the U.S, one of only 2,100 companies in 50 countries to hold a Certified B Corps (for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency) and all while powering all of its facilities with 100 percent clean, sustainable wind energy.

“We believe responsible business benefits our environment, stakeholders and clients,” said Mike Bradburn, Co-Founder and VP of Crystal Creek Logistics. “We are the only perishable fulfillment company to offset the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions from dry ice and carrier shipping operations on behalf of our clients.” 

And it’s coming to Reno this summer. 

Crystal Creek Logistics offers frozen and dry food fulfillment services for direct-to-consumer and business-to-business clients. They ship for companies who sell their products over the internet and have warehouse locations in Washington, Nebraska, Virginia and now northern Nevada.

“Many of our clients come to us because of our position on the environment and our-small company approach to doing business,” Bradburn said. “They like our responsiveness, the ease of working with us and our continual improvement approach to learning and improving. We are unique in a unique industry and we strive to set ourselves apart from the typical warehouse from a cultural, philosophical and environmental standpoint.”

Crystal Creek Logistics opened in 2008 in the midst of a huge economic downturn, but, the timing did not present a serious drawback for the company as many of the companies who had been shipping for themselves found that it was efficient to reduce their operations costs and move to fulfillment regardless of the state of the economy

Fast forward to 2018 and the company has four warehouse locations with its Reno location opening in the summer of 2018. During that 10-year period, Crystal Creek Logistics saw a need for companies who took responsibility for their impact on the planet which led them to spend a great amount of heart and energy towards building a company that is good for its communities, its employees and its planet. 

“We go to extremes to provide the highest level of service,” He said.  “And because of our prior experience, we are very good at what we do and have managed to garner a great reputation.”

The decision to open a location in northern Nevada came on the heels of Crystal Creek Logistics losing some larger clients due to their distance from the larger population in California and time in transit to that area.

“We choose Reno because it is an excellent location from which to bring our services closer to our customers,” Bradburn said. “We enjoy the community, the quality of employees in the area and the proximity to this customer base.”

Local is extremely important for Crystal Creek Logistics and one of its requirements is to first source local to be to be involved in the community and to be able to reduce its carbon footprint while supporting those around them. In addition, they will employ all of their workers from the local pool and plan to purchase equipment and machinery locally as well.

“The process of starting up a business in Nevada been excellent,” he said. “The quality of work that is being done on our facility is excellent, our requests have been met with enthusiasm and when we first starting looking at the area, we had great support from Opportunity Nevada Partners, such as NV Energy and the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN). They were able to give us valuable information on the benefits of being in Nevada. There seems to be a big push from all angles for companies considering Nevada, we feel that we made a good choice.”