Orangetheory Fitness Rolling in Reno

“You can influence change here,” said Alexis Riggs, owner of two Orangetheory Fitness locations in Reno. And she has.

Just over two years ago, Alexis and her husband, Russ, picked up and moved from Atlanta to Reno to chase Russ’ dream of opening a business, and both of their dreams, to relocate to Reno. Alexis had always been into health and fitness but made her career in sales and marketing.

“I have a strong faith and throughout the whole process of moving from Atlanta and buying the franchise in Reno I just kept saying, ‘OK God either open the doors or close the doors. If you don’t want us here show us,’” she said. “Literally every door kept opening. Everything just fell into place and we now have two Reno locations – one just celebrated its two-year anniversary and the other just celebrated its one-year anniversary.”

What is Orangetheory Fitness?
Orangetheory Fitness is scientifically designed to give you heart-rate based interval training in a fun and energizing group environment. Every workout includes a unique combination of cardiovascular power and strength training to change your body at the cellular level, so you can live a longer, more vibrant life.

The one-hour classes are for every age and fitness level. Attendees wear a heart rate monitor so they can monitor their individual fat burning zone which is shown on the monitors during the class.

“People think it’s competitive and that they have to compete against other class members,” she said. “You’re not competing with anybody but yourself.”

The franchise got its name from the orange zone which is shown on the monitors when attendees are working in their fat-burning zone as part of the high intensity interval training workout. There are currently over 1,000 Orangetheory Fitness studios world-wide.

Influencing The Reno Community
While Orangetheory Fitness has only been in Reno for two years, Alexis says she knows they have improved many people’s lives, both physically and mentally, which makes it all worth it. One instance that sticks out in her mind was a member who found out he had a 98 percent blockage in his heart that he became aware of from wearing the heart rate monitor while working out.

“He said if he hadn’t been wearing that heart rate monitor and seeing he was in the red zone, he’d be dead,” Alexis said. “Doctors told him he was a dead man walking. That is an extreme story but it’s a real story and I’m glad to say he’s back working out now and is at 100 percent.”

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Alexis has heard from several other members how working out at Orangetheory Fitness has made them a healthier person both mentally and physically. “It’s stories like that that make it all worth it,” she said.

Why Nevada?
When Alexis and her husband moved to Reno, they knew one thing for certain – they wanted to immediately be a part of the great community.

“I got into Leadership Reno, joined a Rotary group, attended a lot of business and professional networking meetings and joined a local church,” she said. “I put myself out there but I was rewarded 100 percent. I’m very faith-filled and I believe this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Anything Alexis and her team can do to support the local community and businesses, they do it. From signage to partnering with local businesses for member giveaways to getting involved in local running races like Race 178, Orangetheory Fitness is proud to be a part of and support this community.

“Reno is clean and friendly. I love the fact there’s no humidity, lots of blue skies, a little snow, the mountains are 20 minutes right over the hill and there are always endless things to do,” she said. “The Reno market is growing so rapidly and now is the time to jump in and be a part of the growth.”

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