The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen: A Clean, Safe and Creative Cooking Space for Local Food Producers

Italian Hearts Gourmet Foods, LLC is over the moon excited to announce their very first incubator hub commercial kitchen, The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen. Many years in the making, Papa Sal and Mama Val Gray are excited to see their vision come to life with a safe, clean and creative environment for food producers to make beautiful local foods.

“It has taken a village,” says Mama Val Gray, co-owner. “We have been blessed by many along our seven year journey.  The many ups and downs we have experienced has given us a great understanding of our industry and built a strong spirit of perseverance. Having a small business is not for the faint of heart.”

Papa Sal and Mama Val are thrilled to have the honor of paying all this generosity forward by providing this collaborative kitchen space in the same commercial kitchen, located in Gardnerville, Nevada, where they have been handcrafting Italian Heart’s Gourmet Pasta Sauces for the last five years.

Through trial and error, they learned the only way they could make their sauces exactly the way they wanted would be to personally make them in small batches.  So, they purchased their own commercial kitchen equipment from another local company Killer Salsa.  Although the Gray’s live in Reno, once they found the production plant in Gardnerville that was turnkey, they decided to commute.

Husband wife team of Papa Sal and Mama Val are the talent behind the scenes.  They understand that complex products with deep, rich flavor offering good nutrition cannot be mass produced by co packers or large factories. It has to come from the heart, cooking low and slow, the old-fashioned way, building layers upon layers of goodness in small, handcrafted batches with hand selected wholesome local ingredients.

“Handcrafted small batches are truly an art form, while it is a lot of work, the end product is worth it.” says Mama Val. “We sleep well at night knowing we have brought you our very best, cutting no corners.”

A Food Producers Dream Kitchen
The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen is open 24/7 to their food producers. Each food producer signs on with a monthly killer package deal which includes the Gray’s services of helping them become a commercial product as well as their own dry storage, refrigerator and warehouse space.

These food producers share the same passion as the Gray’s do, bringing you their very best. Some are coming from as far as South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Reno, & Sparks to use the kitchen.

“We started out using a shared commercial kitchen.  We have tried to take our experiences, good and bad, and re-create a space inside our kitchen that people would enjoy being in where creativity would flow.” explains Mama Val.  “We are ever evolving to build a space where a lot can happen. Hence our name!  Both of us are clean freaks which carries over in our kitchen standards.  Our kitchen is cozy, creative, clean, friendly and safe.  Truly we enjoy helping our food producers!”

The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen is pleased to share their kitchen with the following food producers: Our Local Basket, More Alive Now Kefir Drinks, Woodsong Herbs, Teas & Spices, Fresh Baked Paleo, Mitch’s Vegan Jerky, Italian Hearts Gourmet Pasta Sauces, Silverback Gorill’n Sauce and Amato’s Family Kitchen.

Why Nevada?
Owners Papa Sal & Mama Val love where they live and have a great passion for building up the local economy with local, made in Nevada, products. They work hand in hand with Douglas County Health Department, Nevada Small Business Development and Made In Nevada.  Having been in this industry for awhile, they have met many wonderful people and have learned much.  Nevada is the perfect location for The Gray’s to have the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with others just starting down the food producing path. The mentorship the Gray’s are offering to their food producers is sure to make their path a little smoother.

Inside this shared Gardnerville kitchen lies a symphony of food producers networking to create and support the Nevada foodie community.

If you are a local food producer or considering becoming a food producer, you are sure to benefit from having a chat with Papa Sal & Mama Val.  You can find them on Facebook, give them a call at 775.203.6966 or e-mail them at