Mindy’s Dentistry: Uniquely Yours

Last summer, Mindy Fugett’s close friend, Dr. Katy Wallace, passed away. While Mindy was helping her family and volunteering in the office, she realized how much she enjoyed treating her patients. She also admired the amount of hard work and dedication Dr. Wallace had put into the practice itself. After much thought and consideration, Mindy decided to purchase the practice and carry on her friend’s legacy.

Mindy’s uniqueness starts with her last name, no one can pronounce it (“Few-Get”) and carries through to her business mindset.  “I love what I do,” she says. “I love treating patients, getting to know their families and establishing a doctor-patient relationship. I am a solo practitioner so you get to see me every time.”

Why Nevada?
Mindy grew up here, she will always call it home so it just made sense for her to continue her friend’s legacy right here, where it started.  Reno has supported her in many ways and Mindy is so grateful.  She says, “Reno has the best small business owners around! I used several local companies to start my business and all were super knowledgeable and helpful. Too many to list!”

Her advice to those starting a new business: “Starting a business is by no means easy, the best way to navigate it is to utilize the government organizations helpful how-to-guides as much as possible.”

Mindy’s Dentistry provides general and cosmetic dentistry.  Learn more about their services by visiting their website, contacting Mindy’s office directly at 775.826.5353, or following them on Instagram.