Capital Tax Solutions: Putting the Client First, Always.

Ernie Mayhorn wanted to be responsible for his own success and failures so he decided to venture out on his own in 2003.  He started a new tax preparation and planning business, Capital Tax Solutions in Carson City, Nevada.  His business was voted best in Carson City several times and grew to having six employees with over 1,700 clients.  But then, one of the tragedies of life happened to Ernie and he was forced to sell his first business as the result of a divorce.  However, his resilience kicked in and he bravely started over.

Capital Tax Solutions is now back to approximately 800 clients and Ernie’s business is thriving again.  He credits his success, both times around, to the personal approach he gives to each of his clients.  Capital Tax Solutions does not outsource any services and they are flexible in their communication efforts, allowing the client to dictate whether they want communication via phone, text or e-mail.  Capital Tax Solutions is based in Nevada but Ernie, as an enrolled agent, has a Federal license which allows him to practice in all 50 states, so they have clients all over the country.

Ernie and his staff are very proud to be aligned with some of the greatest companies in northern Nevada, everything from bars and restaurants, to manufacturing companies, doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, landscapers, sign companies – names you would recognize immediately. They also do not discriminate so they have many clients in the adult and marijuana industries.

They ensure client satisfaction by providing personal and immediate contact, very thorough and helpful work, and very reasonable pricing. They don’t specialize in any specific industries, so they have clients from entry level positions all the way to millionaires, and everyone in between.

Ernie’s philosophy is that “Everyone, no matter their status or income level, deserves great quality financial advice at a fair and reasonable price.”

Why Nevada?
When Ernie decided to start his business in 2003, he was living in Lake Tahoe (on the California side) but loved Carson City, Nevada and the people that lived there.  For many reasons, Ernie knew there was no way he would start a business in California, so he sold everything, moved down the hill, hung a shingle and never looked back.

“I love the unique culture of the area,” says Ernie. “I would never consider leaving the area, there’s no better place in the country and I’ve traveled extensively, so I speak from some experience.”

Ernie believes that the best benefit of having a business in Nevada is the opportunity to work with some of the best people he’s ever met.  He says, “Nevadan’s have great attitudes, great families and great values.  Nevada is full of people who aren’t afraid of a day’s work and some fun as well. It’s a great way to live!”

Ernie’s advice to those starting a business in Nevada is this: “Align yourself with a team of professionals and listen to them. While you can find some of the information on the internet, Google is no match for professionals like myself who have helped create thousands of businesses for our clients. We know what it takes to succeed, and more importantly what it takes to fail.  Listen to professionals, allow them to do what they do, which will allow you to do what you do.”

Capital Tax Solutions main business is tax preparation and planning; however, they also provide IRS crisis intervention, audit representation, both Federal and State (all 44 states with taxes), retirement, financial, and estate planning, new business creation and consulting, payroll processing. If you are in need of any of these services, consider Capital Tax Solutions.

You can find out more by visiting their website or by contacting Ernie directly.

Ernie Mayhorn, EA
Capital Tax Solutions LLC
112 N. Curry Street
Carson City, NV  89703
775.882.7768 (office)
775.419.0168 (fax)
775.400.2472 (text)
877.548.7874 (toll-free)