More Alive Now: Empowering Good Health

In 2007, answering a personal health quest and journey to boost immunity and optimize the gut-brain connection, Susan Frailey began making probiotic foods and beverages in her home. In 2010, she published the book “MORE ALIVE NOW: Simple Nutrition to Change Your Life”,and water kefir is one of the probiotic food recipes she shared in the book.  Water kefir was a hit around the neighborhood and production evolved and has been perfected over time. In 2018, family and friends encouraged Susan to bring this delicious health drink forward to the community.  More Alive Now came to life, offering a new fermented beverage to the industry.

The fermented beverage industry has grown over the years, but there are few dairy free kefir drinks on the market. Kefir has a unique probiotic array of its own, usually found only in dairy products. Now, with kefir d’acqua, you can enjoy the health benefits of kefir in a water-based beverage.  Water kefir is a fermented drink in the same category as kombucha, both fermenting with mother cultures, organic sugar and other natural ingredients, over time. However, the two are quite different. They look different, act different, ferment differently, and most of all they taste completely different. “Kefir” means “feel good”, and kefirs are known for their gut-health benefits. Water kefir production introduces a living mother culture (a symbiotic colony of friendly bacteria and yeasts) into the sugar water, that metabolize the sugar and evolve the water into an effervescent and delicious health infusion.

Why Nevada?
“I chose Nevada and Nevada chose me,” says Susan. “When looking for a state to open my business in, all I had to do was think ‘Nevada’ and the green lights went on, the gates opened, everything happened so seamless and synchronistic. It truly is meant to be.”

The Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC) was Susan’s first stop.  They were the first spark to ignite her vision. Kathy Halbardier was very kind, committed, and extremely knowledgeable. SBDC helped Susan find the perfect commercial kitchen location and provided one-on-one counsel and guidance for business start-up. The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen owners, Val and Sal Gray, have a perfect environment for her business to take root and grow, while assisting her with ideas, next steps, and leads. The Nevada Health Department was extremely helpful explaining guidelines to Susan allowing her create a successful and compliant operation.

“Nevada has their small business act together,” Susan says. “They have paved a way for new businesses to be born.”

One of the tools Nevada provides to those looking to start a business is their online tool — Silver Flume.  This tool makes it very easy to launch a business by providing clear and easy to follow instructions for starting a business and keeping it organized.More Alive Now manufactures kefir d’acqua– water kefir — a dairy free sparkling probiotic kefir drink. Their small batch policy delivers authentic water kefir fermented in traditional methods from water, organic sugar and live cultures. It is light, pleasant, and slightly carbonated. Drinking kefir d’acqua empowers good health, along with an amazing taste. Kefir d’acqua is a great choice to replenish your cells on a hot sporting day and also pairs with any meal. Kids love it too.

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