Dance For Fun. Dance For Fitness. Dance For You!

A few years ago, Stephanie Hinen decided she wanted to learn to dance; however, as she looked for studios that offered dance classes for adults, she wasn’t able to find much.  She approached her sister, Rachel, who grew up dancing, and told her that they should open a studio. Stephanie was well suited to take care of the business side with her experience in project management, marketing, and finance, if Rachel would agree to teach and do the arts side. To Stephanie’s delighted surprise, Rachel laughed and said she had just been talking about opening a dance studio!  The sisters wrote a business plan, rented a space and danced their way into a thriving business.

Stephanie & Rachel’s difference in backgrounds gives them the perfect balance.  Stephanie can relate to those clients who don’t have a lot (or any) dancing experience but decide to learn as an adult.  While Rachel understands those who grew up dancing, got away from it as life and careers and families happened, and then realized how much they missed it.  This balance allows the sister’s the ability to team up and know how to make anyone, no matter their abilities, feel welcome and have fun on the dance floor.

“We’re not here to impress anyone with our artistic talents,” Stephanie says. “We’ll be dancing and smiling right alongside you.”

Local Love
Shine Dance Center is proud to support local businesses. Soul Space and Anatomie Fitness gave them some of their first advice and opportunities. They’ve teamed up with Hello Yoga, The Note-Ables, and Shakespeare Animal Fund on fun events that benefit both local businesses and the community. Businesses like Great Basin Federal Credit Union have come in for group lessons and team events that have turned out to be some of their most fun and lively classes. Stephanie and Rachel are also so grateful to receive support, motivation, and friendship from local business groups like 1 Million Cups, the Nevada Small Business Development Center, Inspire Reno, and Formation Women in Entrepreneurship.

Why Nevada?
Although Stephanie and Rachel have lived all over with their Marine father, they have spent most of their lives in Reno and consider it home.  They decided that Nevada was the best place for their business because Nevada is small business-friendly with a fast-growing population.  Their studio is a perfect fit for the curiosity Nevadan’s have for fun and active things to try.

Their advice to someone starting a new business is to talk to as many other local business owners as possible. “Starting a business is hard,” says Stephanie, “But hearing from others with similar experiences has helped me push through when I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

Shine Dance Center offers beginner-friendly dance and fitness classes for adults. Customers love their patient instructors and fun and welcoming studio.

Shine Dance Center
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