Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Create It!

Mitch and Laura Manina’s vegan jerky came about when they couldn’t find a good tasting vegan or vegetarian jerky. Mitch decided to start experimenting and came up with the cracked pepper flavor. When he shared it with his friends, they raved about it. Even those who eat beef jerky liked it! They decided they had to give other vegan’s the opportunity to enjoy their recipes, so Mitch jumped through all the permitting, licensing and food preparation hoops, found a commercial kitchen, The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen, and started making his delicious vegan jerky.

There are only a small handful of vegan jerky companies and an even smaller handful that are gluten-free and non-GMO.  The Manina’s felt they could contribute a tasty and healthier product than what was already out there. Meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike rave about the taste and love the variety.

Why Nevada?
Mitch and Laura both had their own businesses in California and a little over 15 years ago, they decided to move them into Nevada. They love it here and couldn’t picture starting this business anywhere else.

“The state of Nevada, through a variety of laws, makes it easier for small businesses to thrive,” says Mitch “Naturally, when it came to opening the jerky business we were thrilled to be able to open it in Nevada.”

When the Manina’s started their permitting and licensing process, they found everyone in every department helpful and friendly.  Nevada and it’s representatives clearly had their business’ success in mind.  “They would go above and beyond in letting us know what our next step should be and the easiest way to do it,” says Mitch. “Nevada also has many great programs to kickstart businesses.  For instance, Nevada Small Business Development and Made in Nevada among others.”

Local Love
They are extremely grateful to Papa Sal and Mama Val Gray, owners of Italian Hearts Gourmet Food LLC and The Biggest Little Kitchen in Gardnerville, for sharing their kitchen and wisdom.  They love the collaborative environment this shared kitchen offers and are happy to share the space with other small food producing businesses which include: Our Local Basket, More Alive Now Kefir Drinks, Amato’s Family Kitchen, Fresh Baked Paleo, Italian Hearts Gourmet Pasta Sauces, and Silverback Gorill’n Sauce.

The Manina’s make their vegan jerky from organic tofu and use organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients.  They currently have three flavors: Cracked Pepper, Smokey BBQ and Teriyaki and will soon be adding four more: Wicked Wasabi, Tangy Maple Mustard and Sweet Chili Lime and Vegan Bacon Bits.

Learn more about Mitch’s Vegan Jerky by visiting their website or by contacting Mitch or Laura directly at 775.750.4775.