Taking the Stress Out of Your Child’s Dental Visit

As a parent, Dr. Sara Hakim, DDS has a different perspective on treating children.  She knows that raising a child is not easy and sometimes can be stressful.  She decided to open a dental practice where she and her team could treat every child as their own and also provide a soothing and caring environment for children and parents. In addition to creating a kid-friendly office, they have also designated a room for parents to experience body restoration treatments while their children are getting treatments.

Caughlin Ranch Children’s Smiles was founded in 2018 and will open in May of 2019.  To Dr. Hakim’s extreme delight, she has been bombarded with excitement and support from the Reno community and has already had many phone calls from eager parents wanting to make appointments.  May cannot come too soon for her and her staff!

Why Nevada?
After many years of practicing as a general dentist in various children’s dental practices across United States, Dr. Hakim decided to apply her knowledge and experience in caring for children to the community where her family is living and her daughter is growing — Reno.

“Living in Nevada creates a great opportunity to raise our family in an environment full of love and values,” said Dr. Hakim.  “It is also a great place to start a small business with great support from local businesses.”

Dr. Hakim believes the success of her community is her success and is grateful to others that she has met that feel the same. Robin Krueger at Northern Nevada Medical Center continually offers Dr. Hakim the connections and support to get her message across to a broader network.  Sage Dental has provided advice on best practices for opening a dental office. Stryker Construction delivered expert construction experience to ensure that the Caughlin Ranch Children’s Smiles office space meets the high standards Dr. Hakim required for her business.

“Nevada has a deeply rooted culture of supporting those that own and run small (and large) businesses,” says Dr. Hakim.  “The availability of assistance and support from the community and legislators is abundant. It also doesn’t hurt that Reno has over 300 days of sunshine and easy access to Lake Tahoe, ski resorts and beautiful scenery.”

Dr. Hakim gives the following advice to those considering starting a business in Nevada: “First have a vision and a mission of why you do what you do. Second, use all the possible help and support from people who have great expertise to formulate your business plan.”

Caughlin Ranch Children’s Smiles focuses on treatment that encourages patients to be excited about their own dental care from the very beginning. Upon the very first step into their office, children and their parents encounter a fun and welcoming experience.

Caughlin Ranch Children’s Smiles offers dental check-ups, quick and gentle teeth cleanings, low radiation x-rays, sealants, fillings, fluoride treatments, growth and development evaluations, gentle extractions, space maintainers and emergency dental care.

For more information, visit their website and follow them on social media (Instagram | Facebook).