Fresh Baked Paleo: What You’ve Been Missing

Julie Combos & Carol Thompson decided several years ago they wanted to eat a more nutritious diet in order to avoid health issues that plague many today.  Although there are many gluten-free options available these days, they found only a limited selection of options that omit the many other things people have allergies and sensitivities to; especially those with auto-immune disorders.  Additionally, they found it could be difficult to be a part of traditional holiday meals and other special get-togethers.  Many of these special times are spent gathered around a table in homes or restaurants with friends and loved ones. Julie & Carol launched Fresh Baked Paleo to provide a tasty solution for these gatherings as well as treats for every day.

Fresh Baked Paleo started as a cottage industry about two years ago and then, in 2018, they moved their business to The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen by Italian Hearts.  This move to a commercial kitchen, spurred by a desire to help more people find what they’ve been missing, allows Fresh Baked Paleo to expand their reach beyond the Reno-Tahoe community and distribute their tasty treats nationwide.

“Whether it’s a loaf of bread enjoyed with soup, one of our pizza crusts customized by our customers, or a special treat after a family meal,” said Julie Combos, co-founder of Fresh Baked Paleo. “It is our goal to provide options that will allow our customers to once again be a part of these special gatherings while maintaining their healthy lifestyle.”

Why Nevada
Julie & Carol have been a part of the northern Nevada community for more than 20 years, so naturally they wanted to start their business where they lived. However, they decided to research cottage industries both here and in other states.  They were pleased to discover that Nevada, with its business-friendly climate, was, for them, the best choice.

In Nevada, this friendliness often extends further than traditional business resources. Once they decided to move the business to a commercial kitchen, they found a significant source of knowledge and support from the owners of The Biggest Little Commercial Kitchen, Papa Sal and Mama Val.

“[Papa Sal & Mama Val] were so encouraging and helpful as we began our transition from cottage industry to commercial kitchen,” says Julie.  “They helped us with the necessary paperwork and getting everything set with the health department.”

Fresh Baked Paleo uses the freshest organic ingredients available and they choose locally sourced products whenever possible.  Some of their favorite local products are honey from Sue Anderson’s Proverbs 24:13 Honey and berries from Jacobs Family Berry Farm in Gardnerville, Nevada.

Handcrafted in Small Batches
Fresh Baked Paleo hand crafts each of their products in small batches with their valued customers in mind.  They test each product for flavor and texture before it is added to their menu.  All Fresh Baked Paleo products are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, grain & soy.  Fresh Baked Paleo products cater to the Paleo diet as well as to those who are looking for a gluten free option that is also free of grains and other allergenic ingredients found in so many other gluten free products.

Fresh Baked Paleo is an excellent solution for those that do not have the time, skill, or energy to bake.  This northern Nevada start up accommodates the most restrictive variations of paleo, including those of who are daring enough to be both vegan and paleo.

“As we continue to grow and expand our business, we continue to desire to make breads and treats available to people with unique health needs,” Julie says.  “Though we are not able to change every recipe to meet every need, we do our best to provide a variety of products to meet as many dietary restrictions as possible. It is our hope that you will let us help you ‘find what you’ve been missing!’”

For more information about Fresh Baked Paleo, visit their website at, find them on Facebook or Instagram, e-mail them at or call them at 775.901.8810 (Julie) or 775.790.2709 (Carol).