Innovating in Nevada

OIC Products

by Itai Nemovicher

Nevada is a state teeming with innovation and forward-thinking. Tesla and Panasonic are reinventing manufacturing processes in a field that, in and of itself, embodies innovation. Industrial companies like Barrick Goldstrike Mines are creating more effective and efficient mining practices that speak to environmental sustainability and strong commerce. We’ve seen our mainstay casinos and hotels stepping up their collective game as well, capturing more tourism dollars while greatly improving the products and experiences they offer. Companies here strive to do what’s right while contributing to our communities and strengthening our local economy.

The mission of The Orthopaedic Implant Company (OIC) represents Reno’s footprint on commerce and innovation in the medical device space. While the field has unquestionably had triumphs, it is no secret that medical care is expensive. More than ever, patients are raising questions about overall costs, inconsistent billing, and are looking to receive better value from medical care providers.

Like any field that requires constant innovation, development costs are typically steep and passed on to the consumer or patient. However, in orthopaedic medicine, implant technology has been stable for quite some time, yet pricing has not. Since inception, we have studied efficiencies achieved in other industries and applied those principles to the medical field. The results are improving healthcare value for our communities and country.

We have reimagined the model of providing orthopedic implants to surgeons and, by extension, patients. Simply put, we have found a smarter way to create and deliver implants. The traditional model involves an elaborate supply chain and exorbitant inventory that add unnecessary cost. OIC implants bring a streamlined, yet a familiar solution to the operating room, at up to 60% less cost than older technologies on the market today. With OIC as an option, surgeons can care for their patients both clinically and financially.

We’re very proud to call Reno, Nevada, our home, and find it both humbling and inspirational to have the commercial neighbors we do. Innovation plays out in so many creative ways and directions that we could not have imagined for our state. It’s an exciting time to be driving business and enterprise here.  Our team at OIC feels fortunate to contribute and support the pedigree Nevada is developing as host to the future of a multitude of industries and innovation they spur.

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