Local Laser Company is Removing Maker Barriers

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Reno-based laser cutting company, SendCutSend is removing barriers preventing makers from accessing high tech manufacturing equipment by providing an on-demand service.

Jim BelosicJim Belosic is CEO of SendCutSend, a high-tech, rapid-manufacturing company specializing in the precision cutting of a variety of metals and aerospace materials. An avid hobbyist and maker, Belosic often found himself in need of specialized parts in small quantities to create his passion projects. Frustrated by vendors only willing to supply large and costly orders, he saw an opportunity to create an online-based solution in a niche market. After investing $2.5 million in cutting-edge equipment and software development, Belosic created a service for tinkerers, hobbyists, and small manufacturers throughout the country to create and deliver products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Belosic was previously the co-founder and CEO of Pancake Laboratories, a software company based in Reno, Nevada best known for its flagship product, ShortStack.com — allowing businesses to build lead-generating social media contests, promotional campaigns, and landing pages.

SCS bottle openersWith a significant difference between a low-cost “hobby grade” machine and one designed for industrial use –– the quick-turn market of online ordering metal fabrications is changing the way that makers are able to create, especially when prices start at $29 per order.

Metal fabrication vendors have certain capabilities and equipment, but oftentimes Belosic found that these vendors were old school in thinking and process. In his experience, it would take weeks to provide a quote, let alone get the parts made. He also found that there was a significant difference between a low-cost “hobby grade” machine and one designed for industrial use. Therefore, Belosic built a company, SendCutSend, that addresses the quick-turn market of online ordering metal fabrications which is changing the way that makers and hobbyists are able to create.

SCS ProjectBelosic built the company to blend modern software, with customer service at the forefront, and with automated manufacturing technologies. SendCutSend is removing barriers that prevent students, makers and hobbyists from accessing high tech manufacturing equipment and are at an affordable cost. The company gives anyone who has access to a computer, access to multi-million dollar equipment. In turn, the company is eliminating DIY headaches that often happen when using consumer-grade equipment and manufacturing techniques by instead reducing the cost of high-tech, high-precision parts in low quantities. The software used enables rapid prototyping to help engineers, students and inventors bring their ideas to life on a much shorter timeline than other companies.

During the pandemic, SendCutSend has heard from many of its customers (who were originally using the company for their hobbies and/or side hustle) that they are now using their hobby as a full-time career because of what they can create through SendCutSend and then sell.

For more information, please visit sendcutsend.com.