How Businesses in Nevada Can Generate More Leads with Digital Marketing

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Small to midsize business owners are working towards a path to recovery resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Both brick and mortar locations and online shops are doing everything in their power to generate more business. As a result, the online space is where they have turned to identify new sources of revenue. Consequently, it’s critical to focus on cost-effective online-based marketing methods as a way to engage and retain customers. 

Locally, an organization called Shop Made in Nevada provides an online platform for businesses to reach a wider audience. They are allowing Nevada business owners to feature their products and services in a community marketplace. They created this platform free of charge to community members, and it is one way the Nevada Small Business Development Center is facilitating economic development. 

Businesses should capitalize on these opportunities and develop their digital marketing campaigns to sustain their growth in a post-pandemic world. This will involve maintaining digital activities that focus on strengthening relationships and, of course, generating leads. This article describes a few digital methods any business can use to implement in their 2021 marketing strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is an ongoing process that works to boost your visibility on search engines. Hundreds of factors are considered when search engine algorithms like Google’s ones deliver results for any given search. Some elements make a more considerable impact than others. Targeted keywords are simple and should be used in the body of your text, meta descriptions, and headings. Selecting the right keywords to give search engines a cohesive and precise description of what your pages are about and rank them accordingly. While fully optimizing for SEO takes much more skill, time, and effort, it is a worthwhile investment that will help build your website’s credibility and will result in generating more business leads.  

Hyperlocal Ads or Local Awareness Ads
Reach your local audience quickly and easily with online advertising on Google or social media. This powerful tool will help promote your business by targeting an audience of buyers that are most likely to purchase. Geo-tracking technologies are used to locate the proximity of your intended target and show them your ads. Other targeting methods are used to track your perfect customer by keywords and interests. Start by researching your ideal customer and having a clear understanding of their demographics, interests, and behaviors. 

Email Marketing
Although one of the oldest forms of marketing, email is still the most effective way to convert, nurture, and gain leads. The first step for a successful email marketing strategy starts with a list of contacts. You can do this by adding forms to your website. Once you have a list of subscribers, you can start sending them information about products, services, blogs, and all the essential things to communicate about your business. 

So, business owners, what strategies and tactics do you plan to use in 2021 to generate more leads? 

If you’re looking for help in the digital marketing space, reach out to Rise Creative Consulting today and we’d be happy to help. 

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