First-of-its-kind Suicide Prevention Center Opens in Reno

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Rise Wellness, a center for suicide prevention and mental wellness, is the first center of its kind to open in Reno. The center is committed to preventing suicide by transforming the way care is given to people with suicidal thoughts, past attempts and urges, and offering alternative treatment solutions for those who need support.

Through evidence-based therapy, Rise offers outpatient services for mental health and suicide prevention, peer support groups and suicide attempt survivor group programs. Therapy treatments include individual, couples, family and group therapy.

“Rise was created with the mission to transform the way we talk, think, and work with those who suffer from mental despair and suicidality,” said founder of Rise, Erin Snell, LCSW, MBA. “Too often, people are unable to talk openly about being suicidal because of the fear of being judged or shamed. When people talk, we can save lives.”

Rise has created an empathetic community and advanced treatment for individuals and their families seeking support for issues stemming from suicide. The suicide prevention and postvention support is tailored to individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts, urges, and behaviors; survivors of suicide attempts; family members supporting their loved one’s recovery; and individuals impacted by a loved one’s suicide.

Rise utilizes Peer Support Services in treatment, which are individuals who have attempted suicide, survived, found healing and now serve as mentors to support others during recovery. The peer support specialists facilitate the Survivor of Suicide Attempt (S.O.S.A.) support group, an eight-week program for adult suicide attempt survivors to heal from their past experiences and garner life-affirming support.

In 2019, 48,000 Americans lost their lives to suicide and certain populations are more at risk for suicide, including LGBTQ+ individuals, first responders, adolescents and transitioning adults (ages 12–24), BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) individuals and adults 64 and older.

The stigma around suicide is prevalent.  Rise is tackling the fight to de-stigmatize this major public health crisis plaguing our country.

“So often, people think that someone who is suicidal has a mental health issue,” Snell said. “The truth is many individuals with mental illness are not affected by suicidal thoughts and not all people who attempt or take their own life by suicide have a mental illness.”

Relationship problems and other life stressors such as criminal and legal matters, persecution, eviction and loss of home, death of a loved one, a devastating or debilitating illness, trauma, sexual abuse, rejection and recent or impending crises are also associated with suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Rise works with individuals aged 12 or older for therapy services and 18 or older in the H.O.P.E. group. To schedule a first patient intake or to inquire about services, call 775.525.3400.

Rise WellnessAbout Rise Wellness
Rise Wellness is a center for suicide prevention and mental wellness center in Reno, Nevada. Rise offers outpatient services for mental health and suicide prevention, peer support groups, and suicide attempt survivor group program. For more information on the clinic and its services, visit