Local Artist Shop Wyld Market Coming to Reno Public Market

Reno Public Market

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Reno Public Market, Reno’s former Shoppers Square transforming into a reimagined community shopping space, signed a letter of intent to lease with its newest tenant: Wyld Market. The market works under arts focused, small business community group Wandering Wyld and will feature a curated selection of works from local artists and small businesses who don’t have their own brick-and-mortar storefront.

Wyld Market will be housed in a 3,000-square-foot retail space in lieu of its typical pop-up business model. Once opened, the space will house creations from over 60 local artists. Any of the over 350 makers in the Wyld Community will be able to access space in the market.

“Arts and culture really are the heart and soul of Reno-Tahoe,” said Doug Wiele, president and founding partner of Foothill Partners Inc. “Local festivals and pop-ups have been some of the only viable income sources for local artists, and now this consistent space will allow hundreds of artists to sell their creations at any time of the year.”

The creative venue and artistic epicenter is geared towards local artists, creators, and small business owners to grow and evolve their businesses.

“Before Reno Public Market, we had only ever done short-term lease agreements,” said Rachel Macintyre, CEO and founder of Wandering Wyld. “We realized in our last space that we needed a more permanent establishment to offer the best for our local artists. This space will allow us to combine the best aspects of our pop-up markets, our curated boutiques, and our short-term retail spaces.”

Wandering Wyld will also introduce their new “Day Table” experience at Wyld Market. Instead of artists utilizing market space for months at a time, makers will now be able test out a brick-and-mortar establishment by reserving a table for as little time as a day.

“We really believe in promoting the collective good,” said Nettie Oliverio, arts and culture director of Foothill Partners Inc. “When artists come together in a space, it’s much more affordable and viable to establish a permanent storefront.”

Wyld Market will be opening a holiday pop-up in Winter 2021 at Reno Public Market before officially moving in. The market is expected to officially open in Spring 2022. For more information on Reno Public Market, visit renopublicmarket.com

About Reno Public Market
The corner of Plumb Lane and South Virginia Street is being reimagined for the public’s daily shopping needs––including retail spaces along with public market-style food and beverage options. Reno Public Market will incorporate gathering areas that are inclusive and invite residents and visitors alike to share and explore local businesses. This $50 million project will bring modern-architecture and new aesthetics to the historic location. Visit renopublicmarket.com to learn more.

About Wandering Wyld
Wandering Wyld has been providing a platform for local makers and artists to start, grow and evolve their businesses since 2018. Our company creates uniquely designed marketplace models that redefine traditional retail. Part incubation, part community gathering space – we are grassroots and on a mission to promote vibrant destinations, healthy economies and collective growth. Our signature program, Wyld Market, is designed for local artists, makers & micro-entrepreneurs to share their craft, pursue their passions and grow their small business. We are reimagining what it means to build community; producing inclusive events to support economic development through a pop-up model. Our community represents 350+ makers from across the Sierra Nevadas – we showcase the best in local creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

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